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FAQs - Beginner

Interested in becoming a flyer? Want to know how best to begin?

The best place to start is by going to meet the club and the flyers either at the North Cliffs field and at our Monthly meetings. Our club members are more than willing to give you plenty of invaluable advice or show you want it's all about. If you are still interested then join us!

Apart from the advice and knowledge from our experienced fliers, we can also provide suitable training which will give you a much better chance (but no guarantees) of taking your plane home intact after a day's flying. The club will provide insurance through their membership scheme. Our club has experienced instructors, examiner/trainers who, if available, will teach the safety aspects of flying, as well as all essential skills necessary to fly your model. As you increase your skils you can work towards the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) proficiency tests. There are, of course, no guarantees that you will be able to successfully fly your model.

The second reason for an instructor is to correct any mistakes you might make when you take over the controls for the first time. Let the instructor get the model airborne and flying level at a safe altitude (several mistakes high as the old saying goes) before he/she turns the control box over to you. You will quickly find out that it is very easy to over control an RC model and to get disoriented- Everyone does it at first! If you get into serious trouble on your first flight, quickly hand the transmitter back to the instructor so he/she can rescue the airplane.

In addition to not over controlling, another problem that beginners need to overcome in learning RC is the left/right control reversal that happens when the model is flying towards you one minute, away from you the next. Its not that learning to fly RC is difficult, its just a lot different than anything you have ever done before. Anyone can learn to fly RC airplanes if they are willing to listen and learn remember the first time you tried to ride a bicycle? It seemed completely awkward the first time, but once you learned how, it quickly became very easy. Learning to fly an RC model airplane also comes quickly to most people. Fly your trainer as often as you can, until you have it completely mastered. After you get a few flights under your belt with an instructor at your side, you will begin to feel more comfortable at the controls. Soon you will be flying by yourself with little thought to the move required. It will just come naturally. Dont get discouraged if you have a minor rack-up; repair the damage and get back into the air as soon as possible. As your reflexes become trained to RC flying, you will soon be able to adapt to the faster flight of more aerobatic models.

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